If you're here, you already know: Leading product-driven organizations is hard. It requires a tough to balance blend of rigorous strategy, customer obsession, and charismatic leadership.

Years ago, I discovered the power of working with a coach. In the rush of the daily hustle, taking a step back was a rare opportunity and a necessary step. My weekly coaching sessions became a superpower.

But, something was missing. Even the best leadership coaches are generalists. They have limited experience with the difficult task of defining, building, and leading product-driven organizations.

Over time, I realized I didn't just need help with leadership. I needed help with product leadership.

I've designed an intensive program for product leaders, growth leaders, and product-focused CEOs. The program draws upon frameworks and tools from my career as a product executive and from my work with dozens of senior product leaders as an Executive-in-Residence at Reforge.

At the heart of the program is a holistic model for product leadership.

The model is organized into three areas:

  • Strategic Leadership - Why are you leading?
  • People Leadership - Who are you leading?
  • Execution Leadership - What are you leading?

My goal is to work with product leaders to assess themselves and their teams across each of the areas and develop a plan that brings these spheres together. Together, we'll work towards defining the right strategy and building the high-performance team necessary to execute that strategy flawlessly.

I'll work tirelessly to help you drive business outcomes, compete in an intensely competitive market, and achieve massive personal success.

I offer a 3-month coaching program and a 6-month coaching program. Each program includes an initial session to put together an action plan (including input from your manager and key stakeholders), weekly sessions throughout the program, and progress assessments every 90 days. In addition, I'll be available between sessions to help with anything that comes up in the moment.

We can work through a standardized program or customize it to meet your specific needs. I've worked with product leaders to deep dive into defining strategy, hiring outstanding PMs and product leaders, optimizing the execution process, managing high-performance teams, and influencing key executives. I've also helped product leaders excel in their first 90 days in a new or redefined role.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the program for?

I've designed the program for product leaders, growth leaders, and product-focused CEO's. The program is targeted to leaders with significant strategic influence and team scope.

Why is product leadership so hard?

Product leadership is uniquely demanding. Successful product leadership requires competence in a broad range of mutually supporting skills.

Strong strategic instincts are necessary, but not sufficient. Deep market understanding is necessary, but not sufficient. Charismatic people leadership is necessary but not sufficient. Tight execution skills are necessary but not sufficient.

Product leaders can only succeed by bringing all of these areas together. This is a challenging and personally demanding task. It requires continuous self-assessment and professional growth.

That said, the rewards are massive. The most successful companies are product-centric. This seems obvious, but it's a relatively new phenomenon. CEO's used to come out of the sales or finance org. Manufacturing, operations, brand management, and supply chain management used to be primary sources of competitive advantage. Today, many of these areas have been commoditized. Product drives innovation and growth.

Tomorrow's disruptive companies will be built by people who are uniquely great product leaders.

How is this program different than traditional coaching?

I've developed the program from the ground up to provide personalized coaching and strategic consulting to product-centric leaders.

There are many traditional coaching programs that are provided by generalists who help with leadership skills. Traditional coaching can be powerful, but it's not sufficient for product-leaders to excel.

I aspire to bring together the benefits of traditional leadership coaching with the principles of effective product strategy and world-class product execution. I aim to give product leaders the 360 guidance they need to define the right product strategy, align the company to the strategy, foster a high-performing team, and manage that team to execute the strategy flawlessly.

What's it like to work with Ravi?

As I look back on my career, I'm proud of the products I've launched. But, I'm even more proud of the impact I've had on peoples' careers. I've hired nearly a hundred PM's and Product Leaders. Today, some of the folks I hired out of school are now Director and VP level leaders at multi-billion dollar companies.

I will be personally invested in your success. That starts with caring deeply about providing the support and guidance you need. My approach is warm and it is candid. I won't shy away from asking the tough questions that lead to breakthroughs. My goal is to have you leave our sessions feeling that they were intense and illuminating, and for you to know that you have an ally in your corner.

How does it work and what does it cost?

I offer a 3-month coaching program. Each program includes an initial session to put together an action plan (including input from your manager and key stakeholders), weekly or bi-weekly 60-minute sessions throughout the program, and progress assessments at the end of the program. In addition, I'll be available between sessions to help with anything that comes up in the moment.

The 3-month program is 12,000 USD per client for bi-weekly sessions and 24,000 USD per client for weekly sessions.